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I'm Kirsten and a Senior studying abroad at Kingston University in London for Summer 2016! I am an International Business major here at SUNY New Paltz. I enjoy traveling and have visited family and friends in the Philippines and Hong Kong. Hopefully with my degree I get to travel and work close to my home in New York City.

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The Conclusion

After being home for about a week, it seems so strange to think that I was in a different country last week. Back home, it feels the same, nothing too outstanding that’s different. It’s weird to think that I’ve changed, because I left for a month and had all these new experiences. Let me tell
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Beautiful London

When professors ask me if I’m excited to return home, I never really want to answer the question. In my last class today, one of them made us reflect on what we enjoyed about the class, and one thing we wished we could have done overall. It was like I had a mini flashback in
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Magical London

What I like about London is that there are always small gems to find. Through one of my classes, Exploring Cultural London, I was able to find many of these things thanks to my teacher. From the covered markets, to the expensive arcades in Piccadilly Circus, to rooftop bars and boat rides, London has it
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What is class?

So for class yesterday we went to Palace of Westminster (y’know the building with Big Ben in it? The clock? That’s the one.) to Westminster Hall, which is the oldest building on that estate.  Westminster Palace itself has the Houses of Parliament.  We were not there for that however, we were there to see an
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Weekend Travels!

So this weekend a bunch of us went to Ireland! It was really beautiful, and I can’t say enough about the scenery. We started off in Dublin, in the heart of the Temple Bar area, which was really quite busy. It was a Friday night, so there were large groups of people going out and
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The First Time

Happy July 4! Except not, because I’m in London and they really don’t do that here. It is my first time being in a European country, so that’s exciting. When I first got here, it was strange because it hadn’t felt too much different. I expected it to be in your face, like WOW this isn’t the
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It didn’t occur to me how close my trip was till my friend messaged me asking what else I was doing this week to prepare for my trip. Time really flies when I’m not paying attention… It was just last week that I was on a mini vacation with my family, and it’s like I
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