Magical London

What I like about London is that there are always small gems to find. Through one of my classes, Exploring Cultural London, I was able to find many of these things thanks to my teacher. From the covered markets, to the expensive arcades in Piccadilly Circus, to rooftop bars and boat rides, London has it all.

In the “up and coming” area of Peckham, our teacher gave us an optional thing to visit after class. It turned out to be one of the interesting things I’ve found on this trip. The way up was inside the stairs of a car park, and it was painted bright bubblegum pink. It actually hurt the eyes to look at. At the top, it opened to a view of London with a rooftop bar and an extremely casual restaurant. It was a great end to a class day, just looking at the view and talking.

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The boat ride on the Thames was actually another optional thing at the end of our class. We finished off in Greenwich and the Prime Meridian, then he gave us the option to go back by boat. All of us ended up saying yes, and it was one of the highlights of my trip. Being able to go back to Waterloo Station on the Thames was amazing. I saw so many things I wanted to see, and we passed under the Tower Bridge. It was great to see what we had been talking about in class and being able to identify large buildings in the financial districts made me happy.

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One thing I found with this class is that somehow we were always able to orient ourselves as to where we were because of the first day. The first day we went up on the Shard, the tallest view in London. Seeing the buildings from high up made it easy to spot certain distinctive landmarks from so many areas in London. Even from the plane back coming back from Ireland I could still see them.

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We travelled to Leavesden for my second class yesterday to take in the Warner Bros. Studio Tour for the Making of Harry Potter. Now if you’re a huge Harry Potter fan, this is absolutely a must to see. All the sets, all the props, all the costumes were the originals used in the film at some point in time. It’s really a surreal feeling to walk into the Great Hall and see how the set is and to see how it made all of us feel.

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I'm Kirsten and a Senior studying abroad at Kingston University in London for Summer 2016! I am an International Business major here at SUNY New Paltz. I enjoy traveling and have visited family and friends in the Philippines and Hong Kong. Hopefully with my degree I get to travel and work close to my home in New York City.

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