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Carolyn is pursuing a bachelors degree in graphic design. She likes to work as a designer and do interesting things like travel and is partaking in the London Art Seminar for winter intersession.

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Being Back in the US

It was definitely a fun trip and I really miss it! I wish I could go back I have been having dreams about it. I will never forget my experience. Unfortunately, this is my last trip for studying abroad. The good thing is I will be traveling to Israel for vacation with my boyfriend over
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My Favorite Place I Visited in London

When in London, I highly reccomend going to The Barbican Centre. It is an amazing place for various reasons. The Barbican Centre is basically a megastructure. It is basically something out of a dystopian future. It reminded me of the megastructure in the movie Dredd, except much nicer obviously. There are towers of subsidized housing
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Classes for London Art Seminar

For our intersession time, our classes were very different in many ways. Our itinerary focused on mostly going to museums, parks and tours exploring various art styles. We would also have to meet at the professors flat for class times to as we did for our presentations. The museums we went to were wonderful. We
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Culture Adjustment + Slight Culture Shock

Before arriving in London, I thought it would be similar to living in America, but I was completely wrong. They do a lot of things differently here. For example, they drive on the oppisite side of the road and the passenger side is different and the cars are smaller. Also, they have smaller portion sizes.
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Arriving at my Flat

It was surreal first walking into my flat. I was the first one there and I immediately picked out my bed which is by a really nice window facing outside to the backyard area. I have a very nice closet space and a dresser. I share a room with two other girls and the flat
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Preparing for my Trip

Prior to leaving I was excited about studying abroad in London. This would be my first trip to Europe at the age of 22. I packed up the day before I was leaving to London Heathro airport.
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