Being Back in the US

It was definitely a fun trip and I really miss it! I wish I could go back I have been having dreams about it. I will never forget my experience. Unfortunately, this is my last trip for studying abroad. The good thing is I will be traveling to Israel for vacation with my boyfriend over the summer. This trip has inspired me to travel more and see the world. It is not worth it to be scared of flying, you need to fly to get places you want to be. I have seen many wonderful things in london!

Also, it is hard adjusting back to being here, I had really bad jet lag. I have also been eating at strange times of the day. I have basically finished everything I have to do for my class in order to get credit. I really enjoyed my time and will never forget my experience. I highly recommend this to anyone who is interested!

Carolyn is pursuing a bachelors degree in graphic design. She likes to work as a designer and do interesting things like travel and is partaking in the London Art Seminar for winter intersession.

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