Culture Adjustment + Slight Culture Shock

Before arriving in London, I thought it would be similar to living in America, but I was completely wrong. They do a lot of things differently here. For example, they drive on the oppisite side of the road and the passenger side is different and the cars are smaller.


Also, they have smaller portion sizes. The food is non GMO, fresh and the packages tell you where the food comes from. The eggs are not refrigerated. The calorie and nutrition charts are confusing, I have no idea what a Kcal is. Also ordering food is different, you need to go to the counter to order, there are no waiters.

EVERYONE dresses up nicely here, there is basically no such thing as graphic tees here. If you look sloppy people will stare at you.

The bathrooms are different, cleaner with 2 confusing buttons on top. They also have heating racks for towels that America desperitely needs.


Carolyn is pursuing a bachelors degree in graphic design. She likes to work as a designer and do interesting things like travel and is partaking in the London Art Seminar for winter intersession.

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