Arriving at my Flat

It was surreal first walking into my flat. I was the first one there and I immediately picked out my bed which is by a really nice window facing outside to the backyard area. I have a very nice closet space and a dresser. I share a room with two other girls and the flat is for 8 other girls. I also have a bathroom in my flat which has a nice old fashioned tub, a toilet and sink as well as towel rails for drying towels.

There is also an upstairs area with a nice kitchen to cook meals in and a nice seating area to watch television and to just hang out at night. The flat itself is very spacious.

This is the most confortable flat I have stayed in. It is very safe here. The doors are self locking and my flat is by places to eat, museums and other cool stuff!

Carolyn is pursuing a bachelors degree in graphic design. She likes to work as a designer and do interesting things like travel and is partaking in the London Art Seminar for winter intersession.

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