My Favorite Place I Visited in London

When in London, I highly reccomend going to The Barbican Centre. It is an amazing place for various reasons. The Barbican Centre is basically a megastructure. It is basically something out of a dystopian future. It reminded me of the megastructure in the movie Dredd, except much nicer obviously. There are towers of subsidized housing on top and places to eat, a school, theaters and entertainment in the morning. The architecture is amazing. You could walk out in the center of the megastructure and see these wonderful fountains and towers above.

We went to my favourite museum I have seen during my trip. The World of Charles and Ray Eames is an amazing exhibit. It has artworks of Charles and Ray Eames which are the most popular designers in history. They created many popular models of furniture.

IMG_20160116_121956 (1) IMG_20160116_122007 (1) IMG_20160116_122251 (1) IMG_20160116_132313 (1)

My favourite piece of furniture I saw in the museum was the RAR Eames Rocking Chair. It was surreal seeing it here since my boyfriends family has this chair from the original release of them in 1952.

Carolyn is pursuing a bachelors degree in graphic design. She likes to work as a designer and do interesting things like travel and is partaking in the London Art Seminar for winter intersession.

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