Beautiful Places in London

Today, I want to tell you about beautiful places I have been in London.

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The first place is the London Eye. I walked across the  river Thames and rode on the London Eye, which was a giant Ferris wheel in London. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the UK. It is 443 feet tall and we can enjoy a fine view of London from it. I was surprised by its size because over 10 people could fit in it at once. We could watch Big Ben from there.


The Covent Garden is my best place in London. I love its variety of shops, pretty ornaments, delicious food and friendly people. I have been there three times because it is near from where I stay and I don’t get tired of it because of its vastness. I love Covent Garden. I want to visit there before I go back to the US on Sunday…

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I went to St. Paul’s Cathedral and up the stairs of 550 steps! I didn’t know that it had so many steps, and it made me perspire sweaty. But, the view from the top of the Cathedral was magnificent. I could look down London and felt like the Cathedral controlled all of London. I am a big fan of the architecture itself, sculptures and paintings. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay there so long at that time, so I will go there in the early morning next time if I visit London again.

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I went to the Sherlock Holmes Museum. I got lost on the way to the museum, and I walked around the Baker street for about 40 minutes. It was a very cold day and I was so tired when I arrived the destination, so I entered just a shop, not the main museum. When I went to the restroom, I got so excited because found a little room which looks like movie set. I was not a huge Sherlock Holmes lover, but I could enjoy the museum.


This building is called SIS (Secret Intelligence Service), and James Bond in the movie 007 is a member of it. I couldn’t enter inside.


Big Ben! It is one of the most famous buildings in London. I was fascinated its gorgeous and beautiful Gothic ornaments.

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I went to the Kew Garden with my classmates and professor as a class activity. First, we visited the Marianne North Gallery. It was amazing. In the first room, there were numerous plants paintings on all round the walls. After the first room, there was an exhibition of plants, especially fruits paintings and drawings. Most artists were women and they were finished delicately and looked so real. It was one of my favorite museum ever. After that, we went to the Palm House. The air inside was so warm and I felt so good because outside was freezing. We found a peacock in front of the gift shop. Overall, the Kew Garden was a beautiful place. I want to visit again in spring.

I picked up some places  which I want to share with you and recommend. London is a pretty little place. I want you to visit here when you have a chance. Thank you for reading!

About Our Class

As the Art Seminar class, we visit art museums and galleries, go to the traditional places, meet up in the professor’s room for presentations and discussions, and post our experience on our blog while we stay in London. Museums or galleries (and special exhibitions) we go are the British museum, Tate Modern (the Mexican artist Abraham Cruzvillegas’ Turbine Hall Installation), National Gallery (GOYA Portraits Exhibition), Barbican (the World of Charles and Ray Eames and the Forever Loop), National Portrait Gallery (Giacometti Exhibition), Serpentine Sackler Gallery, Princess Diana Memorial, Victorian and Albert Museum, Courtauld Collection (Bridget Riley: Learning from Seurat), Tate Britain (Frank Auerbach Exhibition), Marianne North Gallery at Kew Garden, Saatchi Gallery, and Newport Street Gallery (Damien Hirst art collection). Also we go to the London Eye, Gielgud Theater ( the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime), the self-guided City Public Art Street Tour, Old Spitalfields Market and Shoreditch Street Art Tour as a class. We have four class meetings at professor’s  flat, and each of us does presentation about British history. We have seven students, and themes of our presentations are 1. pre-historic Britain, Roman Britain, and the middle ages which includes an overview of the early history of the England including the Druids, Romans in Britain (the city of Bath) 43AD-410, the Norman Conquest (French invasion of Britain), the era of the Crusades, 100 Year War, War of the Poses, etc, up to the year 1450, 2. Henry the Eighth and the church of England followed by the Elizabethan age, which explains how and why England broke away from the Catholic Church establishing the Church of England under Queen Elizabeth I, i.e. Shakespeare, beating the Spanish Armada, 3. the industrial revolution begins in England from 1760 to 1850 and Charles Dickens’ London, 4. Victorian England from 1837 to 1901,  5. British Empire and colonialism starting with North America including the U.S. then India, Africa, Australia, 6. England in World War I including the class system in England, what Britain was like before WWI and how it changes after WWI, and 7. England in WWII, what the British went thru, how the US helped Britain, and what England was like after WWII. It is interesting that we can learn the background of British history while we are in London. After some presentations, we discuss about what we see and think about the places we went. On Tuesday January 12, we did a pot luck and brought some British food. I bought caramel & sea salt flavor fudge from Harrods. 20160111_194022443_iOS20160105_130831192_iOS

Let me explain my favorite art works I fond.


Vincent van Gogh, the National Gallery
Sunflowers (1888)
It looks gold from a distance. He used yellow as a color of hope and friendship. He said it was a “idea symbolizing gratitude.” He liked this painting a lot and hung on the wall of the guest bedroom, which his friend, Paul Gauguin, stayed. I was very pleased to watch this painting. It gives me a passion and joy and makes me motivated. I also like how he painted background. It is just a single color, but the direction of the brush stroke is various. It also reminds me an active and positive impression.


Joseph Mallord William Tuner, the National Gallery
The Fighting Temeraire (1839)
It depicts a last journey of the Temeraire, which is a famous warship sold by the Royal Navy in 1838. He contrasts the veteran ship, seen against the setting sun, with the modern stream propelled tug. I the contrast of the united soft color and dark shadows. There is no clear borderline between the sky and sea.

Thank you for reading!

Culture Adjustment + Slight Culture Shock

Before arriving in London, I thought it would be similar to living in America, but I was completely wrong. They do a lot of things differently here. For example, they drive on the oppisite side of the road and the passenger side is different and the cars are smaller.


Also, they have smaller portion sizes. The food is non GMO, fresh and the packages tell you where the food comes from. The eggs are not refrigerated. The calorie and nutrition charts are confusing, I have no idea what a Kcal is. Also ordering food is different, you need to go to the counter to order, there are no waiters.

EVERYONE dresses up nicely here, there is basically no such thing as graphic tees here. If you look sloppy people will stare at you.

The bathrooms are different, cleaner with 2 confusing buttons on top. They also have heating racks for towels that America desperitely needs.


Arriving at my Flat

It was surreal first walking into my flat. I was the first one there and I immediately picked out my bed which is by a really nice window facing outside to the backyard area. I have a very nice closet space and a dresser. I share a room with two other girls and the flat is for 8 other girls. I also have a bathroom in my flat which has a nice old fashioned tub, a toilet and sink as well as towel rails for drying towels.

There is also an upstairs area with a nice kitchen to cook meals in and a nice seating area to watch television and to just hang out at night. The flat itself is very spacious.

This is the most confortable flat I have stayed in. It is very safe here. The doors are self locking and my flat is by places to eat, museums and other cool stuff!

Food in London

I heard that British food was not tasty before I came here. It is no more true these days! I want to explain about traditional English food which I tried!


Full breakfast is English traditional meal of the morning, and it usually includes egg, sausage, bacon, and toast. I went to Masters Diner in the Covent Garden. Here, it is about £6 with a cup of tea. (It was much cheaper than other places!) Some restaurants serve beans too, but the taste is a little different from ones which we eat in the US. Our beans are sweet, but British ones have some tomato taste in them. I also added black puddings, which is a pork sausage with pig’s blood. I was afraid of eating it, but it was not as bad as I heard! (But one slice was enough for me.) Overall, full breakfast is a good morning meal and gives people an energy for a day!


Fish & Chips! Is there any British food more famous than this? No! It includes a fried fish, usually cod or haddock, chips (french fries), lemon, tartar source and some vegetable. I ate it twice at different places; first at Rock and Soul Place and second at Ale and Pie. Both were really great! Fish was fresh and juicy and tartar source was excellent. We need to add some ketchup or salt to chips. It is good with beer!


On Sunday, I went to the Covent Garden and ordered Sunday Roast with a glass of red wine. The well known group was playing beautiful classical music in front of me. (How lovely!) The Sunday Roast was about £15, and I had a choice of beef or lamb. I ordered a lamb roast. I was so happy because it was served with Yorkshire puddings!  Yorkshire pudding is an English side dish made of egg, flours and milk. It was one of the British foods I wanted to try. They were more dryish than I expected, but good with the lamb roast very much. Also, the source was great… It was very good with meat, puddings, vegetable and wine.

20160105_160620916_iOS 20160108_153254658_iOS

Scorns! It is usually serves with cream and jam. I ate them  first at a cafe in the Covent Garden and next at the Natural History Museum. They were not too sweet, and usually include some dried fruits. At first, I ordered English tea with it. The scorn was warm and soft and great with tea. It was the best scorn ever. At the Natural History Museum’s cafe, I ordered mocha with it. The scorn was harder than the previous one and cold, but it was still delicious. I thought scorns were more dryish and similar to bread, but it was not true. I love scorns! They have a gentle sweetness which cookies don’t have. I want to try afternoon tea set if I have chance and enough money.


This is Beef Wellington, which “is a preparation of fillet steak coated with pâté (often pâté de foie gras) and duxelles, which is then wrapped in puff pastry and baked (wiki).” It is one of the British foods I want to try during this trip, but it is very very expensive at every restaurant. However, I finally found reasonable Beef Wellington at Harrods! I want to buy and try it before I come back to the US!

It’s London!

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I arrived at London on January 3.


I was glad that I could come to London safely just as planned. It was a long trip for about 6 hours (but shorter than NY to Japan). We arrived in the morning. After checking in our flat, we walked to ATM to get cash. It was the first time to see European money. It’s so cute! I tried to stay up not to be beaten by the jet lug, but the jet lug won. I was so tired and fell asleep for a few hours. After taking a nap, my roommates and I walked to the grocery shop to get some food. I heard British food is not delicious, so I prepared myself. I gave a sigh of relief because the shop was similar to one in the US. I planned to eat as many British food as possible, so I only bought small amount of food in case of getting hungry at night and before class.


I was so impressed by the landscape of London when I first saw the town because buildings were unbelievably pretty. I couldn’t count how many times I said “Oh my god, it’s so cute.” Everything was decorative yet stylish. I especially love traditional brick apartments. A red London bus has two levels and runs around the city. It is one of the symbols of London. I bought the Oyster card without a bus potion so the main transportation is a train, but I would take the bus at least once before going back to the US.

My stay in London is just getting started. I will visit as many places as I can, and eat as many British food as possible!

Thank you for reading!

Soon to be London Bound

Hello all my name is Marissa Heuser. I am currently a sophomore at SUNY New Paltz. I’m in the honors program here.   I adore New Paltz and pretty much everything about it. I am going to be studying abroad at Kingston University in London, England. I leave the USA on January 4th which is so soon!! I am going for the whole Spring semester and to be honest I’m kind of scared. In a, I’ve never been this far from my family/friends for this long, kind of way. I am a real homebody, I chose my school because it was 2.5 hours away from my home. My parents are my closest confidants and my sister is my best friend. It’s going to be a challenge learning how to survive without them. I also have two Labradors, Chloe a female black lab who is 11 and Kingsley a little yellow male who is almost 2. They are my little loves and I’m going miss them so much.
IMG_1950     IMG_3668 IMG_4059  IMG_4428 IMG_4627IMG_4357

My friends are just as fantastic. I have two of the most amazing roommates anyone could hope for. Jess and Christina have become my best friends at college and my life line(s). They are supportive, kind, brilliant and hysterical.

IMG_4513 IMG_3588
It is going to be so weird not living with them next semester. I have plans to video chat with them all the time because I don’t know if I can handle life any other way 😝.

My friends back home are weird and crazy but they are the best people you’ll ever meet. They will talk your ear off about video games but they will never let you down. They are loyal and goofy and basically just the weirdest pack of misfits you will ever meet. We have stuck together through everything and I know that even through they are far away, we are never truly apart.
IMG_3575 IMG_2964 IMG_1982 IMG_1386 IMG_4811 IMG_4810

But enough with the sappy, I’m going to miss my family/friends so much, stuff!
I am packing for England! I decided to start packing about 6/7 days before I leave. A bit of advice, NEVER START PACKING A WEEK BEFORE A 5 MONTH TRIP!! It’s stressful because it is close to the departure date so you are freaking out but just far enough away to let you be paranoid. I have spent about 2 full days contemplating bringing another pair of socks. Its….not healthy. I am locking up those suitcases and putting them in a different room because I can’t stop staring at them wondering what I missed.
They are both MAXED OUT.
I will make my second post on the day I leave! I was really lucky to make a friend who is also going to Kingston. We even got seats next to each other on the plane! I am so nervous and excited and I can’t believe that I am going to London!!!


I guess that’s all for now!

Till next time,


London is almost there!

Hello. I’m Emi Takeyama, a junior international student from Japan. My major is Graphic Design and I will join the London Art Seminar during this winter. The trip is only for two weeks, from January 2 through January 17.

During the seminar, we will visit famous and important places of art and history such as Tate Modern, National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, Serpentine Sackler Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum, Kew Gardens, and Saatchi Gallery. We will also join some tours and watch a theatre show.

Of course watching art works is the biggest purpose of this class, but experiencing its culture is another very important purpose. This is the first time for me to travel Europe, so everything I see, listen, eat, smell, and feel is new in London. I already experienced studying abroad in the U.S. as Japanese, so this is a good time to compare how I feel in England and the U.S. as an international student.

In London, I will sketch landscapes in my cute travel sketchbook and take a lot of photos to remember the trip. Also I want to use those photos as materials of my art works in the future.

I will try traditional British food such as fish and chips, English breakfast, Yorkshire pudding (I heard they are delicious), Stargazy Pie, and Haggis (I heard they are awful…).

Overall, I am very excited to go to London! I will continue to post my recent conditions on this blog. Thank you for reading!

1. Getting ready for my date with London!

It’s 3 days and 7 hours before the departure, and I’ve just started my second 8 hour train ride this week. The holiday season has consisted of visiting all of my relatives and all of my boyfriend’s, making this month and the next couple weeks the most I’ve ever traveled in my life. I’m overjoyed by it all, but I have to admit I’m also anxious. It’s a mix of never taking a flight this long (it’ll be about 8 hours), never leaving the country except my short vacation in the Bahamas when I was 6, and being so insanely busy the past 2 weeks that I’ll only have one day to get everything together and actually pack. Adding on to that, the day after I come back from London the spring semester auditions for the theatre department are happening. l’m thinking about all the wonderful things I want to do in London, but I also have the looming audition anxiety, and I haven’t even found all of my material yet. So it’s a lot to think about.

Connie had us do pre-departure assignments that gave us a chance to explore the city of London online a little bit before our feet hit the ground running. I’m so used to the grid system of NYC that it’s still kind of confusing to see how the city of London is laid out, but the tube is starting to make more sense, and I’ve been told by many people how much easier it is than dealing with the subway here. It looks like Bloomsbury, where we’re staying, is an excellent location, right near the theaters and lots of fun pubs and restaurants.

This all seemed so far away…and now I’m rushing to get everything together and I’m brimming with excitement. I’ve looked at our schedule for the next 2 weeks, and it’s jam-packed with so many awesome things. I’m particularly excited to see Macbeth at the Young Vic, the Kinks musical Sunny Afternoon, and visit the Globe. I’m looking forward to meeting all kinds of interesting people, seeing great theatre, eating delicious food, trying different beers and cocktails, and having loads of unique experiences. Bring it on!