Arriving at New Paltz


Our trip ended. Japanese kids are taught that “a picnic does not end until you go home.” Our trip is not a picnic, but this phrase apply to ours too. I am very glad that all of us could have a safety trip. Our flights were run as scheduled, and we didn’t have any serious trouble during the trip.

On the first flight from New York to London, I was filled with expectation, excitement and a little bit of worry because it was my first time to enter Europe and experience a new culture other than Japanese and American ones. On the second flight from London to New York, I had a mixed feeling because I wanted to stay in London more, but on the other hand, I wanted to go back to my room in New Paltz immediately. (To be honest, I wanted to go back to Japan to meet my family, but I know it is not possible until this summer.)

I arrived at JFK airport around 6pm and Manhattan around 8pm. I got off a train at the Bryant Park. There were still a lot of people and stores were open. The atmosphere of NY made me feel relieved. I was surprised because it was snowing outside. We didn’t see snow in London even though it was quite cold.


I took a bus from NYC to New Paltz, and I arrived home around 11pm. My room is like a shelter and always makes me feel relief. While I unpacked my suitcase, I remembered days in London. Two weeks have passed too quickly when I looked back. Everything I saw, heard, touch, smelled, ate, and felt there became my precious experience. My spring semester was just started, and also I still have some assignments for this winter class till this March. The London art seminar doesn’t finish yet. I got some great inspirations from my experience in London, so I will use it to pursue my art goal. My goal is to be a good graphic designer who creates designs which move people’s minds. To achieve it, I want to do my best now.


A week has passed since I came back to New Paltz. I hanged Mucha’s calender, which I bought at the Courtauld Gallery in London, on my room’s wall. (My wall is filled with Mucha’s works which I love.) I always remember London’s days when I see this wall. Over all, it was a great experience. I’d like to recommend London to my friends because it is one of the most wonderful places to visit. I want to visit there again in the future if I have time and money.

Thany you for reading. Hope you all have a great semester!

See you


Emi Takeyama is an international student from Japan and Graphic Design major. She is excited to take an art seminar class in London.

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