The Jamaican!!!

Hey everyone!!!

We are in our last week of our study abroad trip with the Jamaica Service- Learning Program! Boy, it has been an eventful 3 weeks thus far!!! We continued to learn a lot about the history of jamaica by visiting many historical places such as the Bob Marley Museum [Bob Marley’s home till he died in 1981], Tuff Gong Studio [Largest Caribbean studio founded by Bob Marley], the National Gallery [public art museum], the Afro – Caribbean Institute of Jamaica and the Jamaica Memory Bank [collects documents and research about Jamaica’s cultural heritage], Emancipation park, and the Gleaner (Newspaper publishing company).

Here are some pictures of the wonderful, interesting, historical adventures of Jamaica!!!

2014-06-18 16.08.18(Emancipation Park-symbol of our Freedom to Hope, to Excel and to Be!)

IMG_20140609_120850(JSLP ’14 with Ky-mani Marley at the Bob Marley Cafe)

2014-06-09 13.34.03(real life size Bob Marley Statue #OneLove) IMG_3891 (after our Devon House Tour – Huge House)2014-06-12 13.10.12(Tuff Gong International #ONELOVE)


We have been staying at the University of Mona and everyone has their own rooms with common area to share. The girls are on one level and the guys are on the lower level. We enjoy our own rooms for personal space but at the same time, we all have had at least one or more conversations with the another on this trip within the common area.  We have cooked together, went to the supermarket to buy kitchen supplies and ingredients. We have played Uno, card games, dominoes and just laughed, talked while enjoying each others company. This trip has brought many of us closer than before (some more than others) but overall we have been enjoying our time and the company of everyone participating on this trip!!!

The food has been great!! We had the chance to try jerk chicken, curry, seafood, rice and peas, pasta and other regular american foods! I think our favorite thing to eat are riped plantains (it has been apart of every meal lol). Below are two pictures of food from the “streets” and a home made meal being cooked.

2014-06-14 17.58.15(where we got some awesome food – we call it street food)2014-06-02 21.51.58(cooking in our kitchen at UWI- making boiled dumplings with salt fish and beans)


Aside from all the historical adventures we have spent a lot of time at the Alpha Boys Home! We have planned activities for both inside the classroom as well as outdoors for the boys to enjoy their time! In the classroom, we assist the teacher in charge or lead an activity. Outdoors we play all sorts of games with the boys! We definitely enjoy our time here at the Alpha Boys School!

IMG_3961IMG_3968IMG_3959IMG_39552014-06-13 15.41.17

One more week, or just a couple of days and its all over 🙁