Va, Va, Vamos Argentina. Vamos a Ganar!

Well this website is not letting me post any pictures so that stinks.  I try again later in the week if I have time but.  So i’ve been in Argentina for about 2 weeks and I was actually supposed to leave to start my study abroad program in Chile yesterday but I didn’t.  I really like it here… so much better the NYC.  The people, the culture and the language.  I think there Spanish is so beautiful.  And my home stay mom was one of the kindest women I’ve ever meet.  The first week I was here I stood in an hostel and meet so many different people from all over the world.  It was an amazing experience, I heard study abroad makes people find themselves but I feel like im finding the world.  The coolest thing about my hostel was that it had a bar and restaurant attached to it.  The hostel gave free entry to locals and residence of the hostel.  This one thing has defined my trip.  Because of this I made real friends from Argentina… people who leave here, work here and grow up here.  I’ve hung out with so many locals because of it.  I’ve made very few study abroad friends at my university… (I think Spanglish is really becoming my first language now as well they don’t say college in SA they say university)  But I like that I don’t really hang out with those people because now I am constantly surrounded my argentine culture and language.  It’s like I really living here.  Classes are really small here 2 to 3 students per class so you really get an intimate focus I like it.  THINGS I DONT LIKE…. Not to sound so American (SA’s hate when you say your american…. were from the united states) but they walk wayyy to much here.  Its about a 30ish minute walk to my school everyday… plus we walk everywhere when were going somewhere.  My legs like actually were in pain two days again and I had to chill.  I also really not to big on the food here.  It’s kind of bland and the dairy is weird.  Plus I’m a vegetarian and Argentine’s put meat in everything!  It’s almost impossible to eat here… I had a bread and cheese sandwhich the first 3 days I was here. Also Argentine culture is very touchy feely.  I am not about that.   A lot of these things I could get used to and are no way or how running my trip I did not expect anything to be perfect.  I’m really sad I am leaving in a week to Santiago, Chile.  Not that I won’t like the country but I do not believe ill be able to make Chilean friends there.  I love being imersced in this culture in wish I could stay longer.   I told my friends here that in argentina is in the finals of the world cup I will sell a kidney to get back here!  The way the country gets about soccer is so crazy but so drawing.  At first I was like who cares, but after attending 3 “partidos de futbol” I catch myself interested in the games and wanting to watch them when I can.  This experience has been amazing so far and I am so grateful.  Thank you to my parents, family and god for allowing this to happen. I will update you soon and hopefully I can add some pictures!

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