kcorderoKatelyn Cordero

Katelyn, I major in digital media production and minor in Journalism. I am ready to set forth on my biggest adventure yet, to learn all about the Spanish culture. I can’t wait to study film and journalism from a whole different perspective. It has always been a dream of mine to travel the world and this is the first step in fulfilling my dreams.

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Leaving Madrid with a heavy heart

As I get ready to leave Madrid I am mixed with multiple feelings. I am excited and happy to see my family and friends back in New York but I am filled with incredible sadness at the thought of leaving the beautiful city of Madrid and all of my wonderful friends behind. It will be
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Traveling Throughout Spain and Europe

This trip has been truly the adventure of a lifetime. I have been able to travel around Spain to Barcelona, Cadiz, Valencia, El Escorial, Toledo and next weekend to Granada. My travels have not stopped there though! I was able to travel to Morocco, Copenhagen, Paris, Budapest, Sweden, and Berlin as well. I never in
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STUDY Abroad

Living in a different Madrid is so exciting and so incredibly different from life in New Paltz. One of the big differences would have to be the academics. Here in Madrid you tend to only meet once a week for each class with a few exceptions. While you have classes fewer times a week the
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Life in Madrid

Living in Madrid is truly incredible, I haven’t written in a while because I have been so busy immersing myself into the city and traveling…and of course doing schoolwork. The food here is incredible. I live in La Latina an area that is well know for having the best Tapas bars around. You can go
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First Week In Madrid

Madrid is so much more than I ever expected!I have been here only a week but the architecture and the history of the city is so beautiful it takes your breathe away! One thing I didn’t anticipate was how long it would take to get over the Jet Leg. It has taken me about a
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Preparing for Madrid

I can’t believe that my trip is finally here it is surreal to think that in two weeks I will be living in Madrid! I just arrived home from visiting family in Florida and I am sitting on my bedroom floor with a million clothes and shoes and only two luggages. It seems like an
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