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Living in a different Madrid is so exciting and so incredibly different from life in New Paltz. One of the big differences would have to be the academics. Here in Madrid you tend to only meet once a week for each class with a few exceptions. While you have classes fewer times a week the classes are a lot longer than classes in New Paltz which is hard because at times you will end up spending the whole day on campus. The classes themselves are very different. You often have two classes the first class is the lecture and the second class is theoretical where you will be doing the work. In a lot of my classes we do a bulk of the work in the second part of the class, which is very odd to me because in New Paltz it is not like that at all. The easiness of the classes really changes from professor to professor; however I have noticed that the grading by the professors is a whole lot harder here. They run on a point system in which from what I have been told gets 7-8/10 is normal and 9-10 is like getting a 4.0. I don’t understand the whole point system to be totally honest but so far I have doing fairly well in all my classes so I think that I will be fine. It has been tough to keep my focus on school because ultimately I feel like I am on vacation, but I have been doing my best to balance the adventure and travel with my studies.

Doing homework and drink hot chocolate in a Café

Doing homework and drink hot chocolate in a Café

Katelyn, I major in digital media production and minor in Journalism. I am ready to set forth on my biggest adventure yet, to learn all about the Spanish culture. I can’t wait to study film and journalism from a whole different perspective. It has always been a dream of mine to travel the world and this is the first step in fulfilling my dreams.

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