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My name is Amber Neilson, and I'm a senior Theatre Arts major. Traveling is my new favorite thing, as I've spent most of my life in the Hudson Valley. I love to sing, act, and direct, and I'm a Harry Potter fanatic!

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6. Crossing back through the Platform

Being home from London has been such a blur. It was insane having to jump right back into everything the very next day, between auditions, callbacks, classes, rehearsals, and normal everyday activities. My first day waking up in my bed in New York was disorienting. I couldn’t remember where I was. For the first few
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5. I open at the close.

1/17 We’re heading home today. I’m feeling a mix of a lot of things, but mostly I’m bummed about it. These have been the best two weeks of my life, full of adventure, laughs, great theatre, exploration and growth. I really, really, really don’t want to go home. Saying goodbye to our flat was hard,
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4. Potter Tour and Memorials

1/15 The most incredible part of my trip so far: The Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour. It was a magical, remarkable, beautiful 3 hours that reminded me all over again how much the series has impacted my life. It was intricate, detailed, exciting and fulfilling in every way. Walking through it was kind of
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3. Exploration

     So far my exploration of Bloomsbury and London has been a blast. Getting a hang of the tube took a few days, but it’s really been so easy to maneuver. We’ve eaten out a bunch of times and I’ve enjoyed all of the food, but I realized we’ve been naturally wanting to go
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2. Getting to know this beautiful city.

It turns out the plane ride wasn’t 8 hours, it was only 6! It didn’t exactly fly by (bad joke) but I found it fascinating that my train to get to another point in New York took considerably more time than transportation across the world. The flight itself wasn’t the worst– we got to watch
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1. Getting ready for my date with London!

12/30/15 It’s 3 days and 7 hours before the departure, and I’ve just started my second 8 hour train ride this week. The holiday season has consisted of visiting all of my relatives and all of my boyfriend’s, making this month and the next couple weeks the most I’ve ever traveled in my life. I’m
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