2. Getting to know this beautiful city.

It turns out the plane ride wasn’t 8 hours, it was only 6! It didn’t exactly fly by (bad joke) but I found it fascinating that my train to get to another point in New York took considerably more time than transportation across the world. The flight itself wasn’t the worst– we got to watch movies and were fed well. I wouldn’t have called it comfortable, but seeing that incredible London view miles below us when we first arrived made the whole thing entirely worth it. It was BREATH TAKING, and one of the most magical experiences of my life. It was 7:30am, and the city was lit up like beautiful jewels. It was an experience that a picture couldn’t quite capture (but I took one anyway).

We got lucky when we arrived at our flats, because our rooms were just about ready for us, meaning we didn’t have to wait 5 hours to get in like originally planned. We were all exhausted but hyped up on so much adrenaline that everything was a crazy wonderful scary fascinating blur. Our flats are awesome. I’m living with a nice girl from SUNY Purchase, and next to us are the three guys in a triple. We share a nice big living room and kitchen. So far we’ve all been having a great time together, learning each other’s quirks and interests.

Last night a few of us purchased our Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio tour tickets! Words can’t begin to explain my excitement. Aside from our itinerary, that was the number one thing I wanted to do during my time in London, and I’m ready to cry all the way through. We’ll take a quick tube ride to Victoria station, and take a bus from there right to the Studios. I’ll definitely give an update after that.

Adjusting to the London lifestyle has been exciting so far. The city reminds me of a cleaner, prettier version of NYC, and I feel right at home. I was in awe of how clean the tube was in particular, and how much less angry most of the people seem than in the Big Apple. The food has been great, (especially the fish and chips!!!) and the prices really aren’t bad, even with the exchange rate. I’ve met a few really pleasant and interesting people here so far, and it’s only been a couple days. I cannot wait to see what the next 2 weeks bring!



My name is Amber Neilson, and I'm a senior Theatre Arts major. Traveling is my new favorite thing, as I've spent most of my life in the Hudson Valley. I love to sing, act, and direct, and I'm a Harry Potter fanatic!

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