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An abrupt end

It has taken me some time to get my words and thoughts together to write this post. Due to COVID-19, about three weeks ago, I found myself spending a fortune on a one way flight home that left 5 days later. I never thought I would have to finish my time abroad 3 months before
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One month in Australia- I’m practically a local now.

Today marks one month since I arrived in my new home away from home which is absolutely crazy! Part of me feels like I have been here for so much longer, but the other part feels like it has only been 2 weeks. Within my time here, I have met so many people from all
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Starting to feel like home

Today marks a week and a day since I flew into Melbourne and it honestly feels like it has been so much longer. These last two weeks have consisted of me settling in to my new home away from home, meeting and becoming friends with locals as well as other international students, getting to know
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Departing for the land down under

FINALLY the time has come where I will soon be leaving for my study abroad program. I have been anticipating my departure for the last few months, and especially throughout these last few weeks. I have had a bit of an extension on my winter break since my University begins later than my home institution.
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