Starting to feel like home

Today marks a week and a day since I flew into Melbourne and it honestly feels like it has been so much longer.

These last two weeks have consisted of me settling in to my new home away from home, meeting and becoming friends with locals as well as other international students, getting to know my way around, and of course exploring this beautiful country.

Settling in has most definitely taken longer than I expected. To begin with, when I arrived, my luggage did not arrive with me. For my first 2 days in this unknown place, all I had was my book bag that I carried on the plane. Having very few of my personal belongings made me feel very homesick. That being said, I strongly recommend keeping at least one item that reminds you of home in your carry on. I had printed out photos a ton of my favorite photos of my friends and family and packed them in my carry on. I immediately was able to tape those photos on my wall. They instantly made my room feel a little less empty and made it feel more like home.

All of the locals I have met have been so welcoming to my international roommates and I. They have invited us to social events and helped us get to know our way around the town. I also went on a trip this last weekend that was for international students. I met and talked to other students from all around the world that are in the same position as I am. I have already interacted with so many people within these 2 weeks which has really helped me adjust. I was definitely nervous about going abroad and making friends in a different country. I am a very social person and I was nervous that I was going to feel very isolated and lonely. Many of the friend I have made have come naturally, like my roommates for example. We thankfully all get along so well and are currently trying to plan some trips together.

Getting to know my way around has been surprisingly easy. As I have been settling in and getting everything I need to live here for the next few months, I have taken multiple trips to K Mart, the local grocery store, and the bank. Within the first week, I was able to walk to all of these places without a GPS. It’s definitely weird not having a car but I love walking around as I do my errands. That is until I have 3 heavy grocery bags I have to carry home. I still don’t know exactly how to use all the modes of public transportation which would be very helpful in that situation. Learning how to use the bus and tram are next on my to-do list

My classes did not start until yesterday, February 24th and I arrived here on February 10th which gave me a lot of time to do some sight seeing. I have been to Brighton beach to tan and see the famous bathing boxes, visited the Queen Victoria Market, walked around and shopped in Melbourne, and went for a weekend trip to Anglesea in which I learned how to surf, play Footie (Australian Football), drove along The Great Ocean Road and saw The Twelve Apostles.

There are so many alleys full of graffiti all throughout Footscray and Melbourne

These pancakes at Queen Victoria Market were AMAZING!!

Brighton Beach Bathing Boxes

The beginning of the Great Ocean Road

The Twelve Apostles

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