Departing for the land down under

FINALLY the time has come where I will soon be leaving for my study abroad program. I have been anticipating my departure for the last few months, and especially throughout these last few weeks. I have had a bit of an extension on my winter break since my University begins later than my home institution. With this extension on my break, I have had way too much free time to say the least.

As I prepare to leave in about a week for my study abroad program, it is slowly beginning to feel real. I have my two luggages and my carry on book bag that I have started to pack some of my life into. I have read many articles that say Melbourne, my destination can experience all 4 seasons in 1 day which makes it a little tricky to decide on what clothing I should pack out of my very large wardrobe. I have been watching Youtube videos of other students that have studied in Melbourne which has definitely helped the packing process.

I have also started saying goodbye to my friends and family members which of course is hard. I know that I am going to have the time of my life while abroad, but I am of course scared about getting homesick. As a commuter student, I have never really been too far from home other than a week long vacation. To help the homesickness that may arise, I am currently thinking of things I should pack that remind me of home. So far I have printed out some of my favorite photos with my loved ones off of my phone.

The rest of this week, I will continue packing, seeing friends and family, and making sure I have everything I need to fly to the land down under.

As a person who absolutely loves the warm weather, I am so excited to leave the cold, snowy New York weather for the hot sun in Australia.

See you on the opposite side of the equator!

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