First Week in Dundee

Ok I got to admit that when I woke up the day of my flight I was laying in my bed thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, Dani what have you done.’ Every little thing that day felt so precious – having lunch with my parents, taking the dog for a walk, watching my brothers go off to do their activities. I couldn’t believe that I was leaving them although I knew this day would happen for months. Leaving my parents at the airport was rough; when my mom starts crying, I too start crying. I barely caught my plane in London and had some difficulties finding my friend and needless to say was very happy to arrive in Dundee running on about 3 hours of sleep in the past 48 hours.

Dundee is such a great city. It’s not a tourist destination so the people here are just living their day to day lives. International students get here a week early and there are a few events hosted to help us adjust such as meet greets, tours to the library, and a trip to Broughty Ferry – a local town with a castle. The other international students seem really nice and it seems like this school has a lot to offer. Just like orientation at New Paltz, by the end of the week I’m ready to start class and have a schedule. None of us know our classes yet so we’re all anxiously waiting to see what’s available.

I’m living in a flat on campus where I have my own bedroom and bathroom and I share a common living area with a kitchen with five other girls. It’s a big change from the dorms (there’s no meal plan and I’m not the best cook) but I think I’m going to really like it. The weather is just what I was expecting – cold and cloudy! Hopefully there will be some sun eventually.

The people of Dundee apparently have one of the strongest Scottish accents so I felt slightly better that I couldn’t understand some people! I definitely have had to ask people to repeat things a few times and sometimes I just get the gist of what they’re saying! My accent is very recognizable and for the most part people have been very kind in helping me out. I can’t wait for classes to start and see the studios and my meet my classmates.

Dani is majoring in Metal with a minor in Art History and will be taking classes at the University of Dundee in Jewellery and Metal Design. Dani is excited to improve her skills as a designer and live in Scotland for five months! She has never been abroad and looks forward to meeting people and learning about Scottish culture.

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