depsteinDanielle Epstein

Dani is majoring in Metal with a minor in Art History and will be taking classes at the University of Dundee in Jewellery and Metal Design. Dani is excited to improve her skills as a designer and live in Scotland for five months! She has never been abroad and looks forward to meeting people and learning about Scottish culture.

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First Week in Dundee

Ok I got to admit that when I woke up the day of my flight I was laying in my bed thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, Dani what have you done.’ Every little thing that day felt so precious – having lunch with my parents, taking the dog for a walk, watching my brothers go off
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Preparing for Scotland

As of now, I’m really excited to study abroad. Right now I’m getting caught in up packing, doubling checking that I have everything, and trying to see as many people as I can. That hasn’t left me a lot of time to think about my decision or second guess myself which I’m really thankful for.
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