Few Days till the End of English Village – Say Farewell to Cheonan

English Village. Cheonan. Going back to Jukjeon Campus. Starting International Summer School, going back to a student.


I am bittersweet about ending English Village this year. Unlike last year, I had difficulty getting closer to my students, and I had difficulty getting my students engaged in class. It could be because I had two advance classes last year and their english skills were much better that communicating with them went UBER smooth compared to how it was this year. I did get close to some of my students, and will definitely miss those that I did enjoy seeing in class everyday.
Another reason I am sad is because I enjoy teaching … being in charge.
But overall, I am glad that English Village is coming to an end, and I am excited to start taking my class and I am excited to have time to explore Korea.

I am glad that I chose to come to Cheonan campus this year because this campus is beautiful. The lake. The drop dead gorgeous lake. Walking around the lake at night is so relaxing.
Beware of the bugs though. I have so many mosquito bites … I can’t wear shorts or dresses because of them.
If I had the chance to come back to Cheonan campus … I probably won’t just because I am too much of a city girl that I am uncomfortable with the environment. But Cheonan is definitely a place you should visit once while here.

I am happy about going back to Jukjeon campus – not so thrilled about the stairs but I like that traveling from Jukjeon campus is a lot more easier. The classrooms are also in better condition. But Cheonan campus overall is prettier. Though I still have to go to the mountain/waterfall in Jukjeon campus before I make the final judgement.
The only downside about teaching about Cheonan is that I can’t meet my students as easily as I could have if they were at English Village at Jukjeon campus.

International Summer School. I am excited about this because I like learning, and writing papers, and taking notes. As odd as that may sound, I miss the feeling of writing on paper. I am also excited to meet my classmates, and see if I can make more international friends.

Let’s see how this Friday will go down. Hopefully no tears will be coming down this year. Hopefully.

Till then.


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