Well this was my last weekend in Chile I didn’t do to much but It was still great.  This friday I went to the capital, saturday I climbed a mountain with someone who lives in Chile, and today we had a goodbye party for my host sister, its funny when I was reading through others post to get an idea of how I wanted my posts to be, I read someone saying they were sad and missed home and were talking about how it’s normal.  I haven’t gotten sad until this wednesday; the thing is though my saddens was for leaving.  I’ve gotten very happy were I am, and practicing my Spanish.  It makes me sad knowing that I probably won’t ever see most of these people agin., the fact that I don’t know when I’ll be back and also the fact that I may never get to focus strictly on my language studies as here.  I wish I could prolong my time.  But I know I will definitely be back here one day.  For all those who read this and are preparing to study abroad enjoy every second you can.  For all those who are reading this to see how my experience was I can honestly say their are very few moments in my life that compare to any day here.  I have a lot of plans this week and I am going to try to see and do a lot of things.  My final for my class is weds so after that I can enjoy everything even more.  I’ll post some new pictures of this weekend and the upcoming week prob thursday.  I do miss my family and friends!  I hope everyone is good.  See everyone soon!

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