A Reverse Cultural Adjustment

It is a weird concept to be home, but feel an aching for a foreign place. I think about Prague everyday, and all the wonderful experiences I had there. In the short time I spent there, I feel that I matured a lot. I was forced to be independent, and adjust to an entirely new culture. I was able to overcome extreme homesickness. I made such great friends. I feel that I am a more well-rounded and worldly individual too. It is hard to be home now. I miss the beauty of Prague, and its culture. I miss the feeling of freedom, and the endless opportunities for adventure. I miss being on my own, and all the summer nights spent wandering around the city. I miss the Charles Bridge, hanging out by the Vltava River, and tram rides. I miss the random nights staying up late talking and laughing. I miss those things that can’t quite be put into words. The experiences, you would have had to be there with me to understand. In short I miss Prague in a way I never felt that I could miss a place that I never even truly lived in, just visited for a while. In the entirety of one’s life, a month is not long at all, and yet I feel so attached to Prague, it was as if I had been there for years. My thoughts now direct towards how quickly I can get myself back to Prague. I am ¬†even considering studying abroad there for a semester.

There is however, a part of me that is glad to be home. I missed my family and close friends. The comfort of my own culture, the security of being in a place I am so familiar with. I missed American food, and my bed. However, I would do my whole study abroad experience over again in a heartbeat. Prague will now and forever, hold a special place in my heart.


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