Two Weeks Until Prague!

Today officially marks two weeks until I leave for Prague, Czech Republic. It is finally starting to sink in, that this trip is actually happening. I believe my transition in thinking is fueled by the research I have been doing as of late, to make the most of my Prague experience. My dad purchased a copy of Rick Steves’ Prague and the Czech Republic Guide Book for me. I highly recommend this book for anyone planning on traveling to Prague; it is chock full of useful information. I have the 2013 version seventh edition, but he is publishing an updated version in 2015. However, the information is still for the most part accurate, and any minor changes/updates can be found on Rick Steve’s website.¬† A helpful hint that I found from perusing the guidebook: if you learn even a few Czech words/phrases you will get treated way better, and get way better service. At a restaurant if you speak only in English the server will expect a 15 percent tip instead of a 5 percent tip. Knowing basic words/ phrases such as hello, thank you, you’re welcome, goodbye, etc., will really help. Type in Czech phrases audio into google, and it will return a common list of phrases with audio pronunciation. One morning of practice, and I am already feeling more confident, and better prepared for my trip.

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