In a State of Disbelief

In less than 10 days …

I really cannot believe I will be going to South Korea. Every time I get an email about the English Village in Dankook or about my arrival, it reminds me again – I am really going to South Korea.

It feels weird to me because South Korea is a place I have been wanting to go to since high school, approximately 5 years ago. Just a year ago, I was telling everyone that once I go to South Korea, I will never come back. Of course, it was a joke and I never knew I would be going so soon. Plus, my mom would never let me stay in a foreign country, alone, for a long period of time. Actually, I am really surprised with how supportive my parents have been on my decision of studying abroad – though I am pretty sure they have expected this from me anyways.

As I count the days till my trip, I am both excited and nervous to be going on an international journey. I have never been abroad alone before, especially to a country where I do not know the language. But this will be a learning opportunity for me and I will keep you posted on my study abroad in South Korea!

안녕, V.

Currently a junior who is double majoring in communications and digital media management and programming. After studying abroad before, she discovered that it is vital to keep in touch with the world around her and beyond.

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