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First, I would like to apologize for the long time since my last post. Especially because it was not a happy one. But now, if you indulge me we shall review the past nearly two weeks.

Last time I posted I was in a terrible mood and feeling bad about myself and the world in general. That changed that night a bit when I climbed an abandoned tower. Full discretion here, I climbed the dangerous abandoned tower to prove I could. Much of my life has been devoted to me proving I am not just the blind girl. Sometimes, when I mess up such as not learning an area as quickly as I thought I would, or needing help with something, I start to think people are right. Then I remembered that I came here and that is pretty impressive. So I climbed the tower. And you know what? It was really fun adrenaline rushes can be rather exciting. So after my trip to the top I came back to my room to mull things over.

The next day I went to Galway. It was a pretty fun day. My friend Lydia, does the most beautiful descriptions of landscapes. (leading to more blind guilt but whatever enough on that) We went to a wishing tree and a beautiful garden. We got to go to Galway city which was great because it is probably my favorite city in Ireland. The next three days were thrilling because I had classes!!! yayyy!

Actually I have learned a lot in my class despite the fact that I have more work than most of the other classes.

Last Friday we got up at an ungodly hour to go to Dublin. Surprisingly, being that I am not a sports fan I loved Croke Park. What I love most about the concept of Irish sports is that the players are not superstars who get paid billions of dollars. The guy who scored the winning goal inĀ 2011 game was a high school science teacher. That is so wonderful to me. That people love the culture and tradition of a sport so much they will spend rather than receive money to play it.

I am not a traditionalist. I think nationalism is a disgusting form of religion but there is something so beautiful about a complex culture that people love. I am sure it is flawed but the ideals of Ireland are, from the outside, almost as beautiful as the countryside.

Lunch was a ridiculous experience because it was at this painfully fake American style place. Although, the Charlie Chaplain bathroom sign and rails made from motorcycle parts were pretty awesome.

For the weekend I went to stay in Galway with my lovely friend Sarah and her amazing family. I mean, her parents are amazing chefs. Especially the pavlova! I truly had a grand time. We went shopping and I danced like never before.

On Sunday I cycled 25 miles. I’d never do that at home. As I cycled around Galway Bay I felt so at peace. I felt the beauty of the place and the surreal fact hit me once again about what a wonderful trip this is and how much I love this country.

This week was filled with stress about class punctuated by a really fun excursion to the west of Ireland where once again I went to the flying boat museum. I took a picture with a statue of Richard Harris…This is a big deal people…He is the real Dumbledore. Then I got to learn some traditional dancing.

On the bus ride home we blasted music and sang our hearts out. This must have been terrible for the people sitting beside me because I am quite tone deaf but I enjoyed myself.

I have one week left in Ireland. I am going to the Aran Islands again tomorrow which I am incredibly excited for.

So I want everyone to know I am having an amazing time even with all the homework.

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