So through the school I’m going to, the also have a school in Argentina.  So I decided to take classes there for a week as well.  My mom has been going crazy because I am leaving to go somewhere so far and so long.  So she has been freaking out for the past two weeks about packing and preparing.  I am really excited but also exhausted from filling out all the paperwork that comes along with study abroad.  Honestly feel like I have been doing stuff for this for months…(oh wait I have) But I leave tomorrow and I beyond excited.  I am lucky to have a great grandmother who help pack almost everything.  Everything is pretty much done now I just need to prepare myself for my 18 hour flight to Buenos Aires.  I called my host mom ahead of time to just say hello.  She seems really nice and I think she’ll teach me how to be a porténo!  I’m also really excited not just about the argentine culture but just being immersed somewhere that speaks Spanish!  Peace NY!  See you in 2 months!

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