The Wanderlust Has Definitely Been Caught!

Hi I’m Ellie, your guest blogger for today!

I’m a graduate student assistant here at the Center for International Programs. I’m going to talk a little bit about what I do here at the office and my study abroad experience (and why you should study abroad too)!

So first, a little bit about my job here at the office. I am the Graduate Assistant at the Center for International Programs and I’m in charge of entering all of the forms from students who are applying to study abroad, I create folders, do filing, check off received documents and email students to keep them up-to-date on the status of their application.

Secondary duties include assisting answering the phones at busy times, talk with students about their plans to study abroad and general administrative assistance around the office.  It’s a fun job and I’m glad that I can do it while also having time to take my classes and finish my degree.

The good news for future graduate students who are interested in working in an international environment is that the Center for International Programs will be looking for a new Graduate Assistant next semester!

Be on the lookout for emails about this job opening and definitely apply if you’re interested. For more info and to apply, visit

Okay, now on to a bit about my study abroad experience…

I studied abroad four years ago, in the fall of 2010 in London, England.



That’s me falling in love with Greenwich, a section of outer London.

To say that London changed my life would be an understatement.

The city is incredibly rich in history and learning opportunities. The school I attended was great. I was able to stay in dorms on campus, take part in student union activities, attend class and be just a 10-15 minute Overground ride to the center of London.

Because I was a Psychology student, it was easy for me to find classes in the liberal arts college.  The classes were set up a bit differently than the American classes I was used to at home. Independent reading was a must when the class only met once a week.

The best part about my academics while abroad was the different perspective I was able to get on topics that I had covered briefly in my home campus’s classes.

When I wasn’t in class or the library getting work done, I was making trips into the heart of London and taking everything in!! The ease of travel from one place to another, even one country to another, was incredible.  I was lucky enough to go to Scotland by train and Italy by plane while I was abroad.

Ellie 2


My friends and I took a trip to Rome over our November break – and it was a perfect getaway.  We were able to see not just the Sistine Chapel, but the inside of the Vatican, parts of Tuscany (in Siena, Italy), Venice and Florence. This was accomplished in four days!

Needless to say, when I returned home from my semester abroad, I was ready to go travel to a new country and see more of the world…

The wanderlust had definitely been caught!

Well, that’s all I’ve got for today.  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading along with me!

Don’t forget to stop by the office if you’ve got questions about studying abroad.  Hope to see you soon!

–   Ellie

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