Financial Aid CAN be used for Study Abroad!

If you are currently receiving financial aid in the form of a scholarship, grant, or loan from your home campus, you may be able to continue to receive that same financial aid to apply towards billed expenses to study abroad.

You can review your financial aid on

Any excess aid would get refunded to you to help pay for the non-billed expenses listed on your budget sheet (e.g. airfare, etc.). Refunds are issued by the Office of Student Accounts.

Each New Paltz program varies in cost and fees for each program are listed on each program brochure page under “Budget Sheet” as well as “Program Cost”.¬† The budget sheets are meant to be used as a guideline since costs are subject to change and can fluctuate based on exchange rates.

For additional information on Financial Aid, please contact the SUNY New Paltz Financial Aid office.

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