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One of the amazing things that I most definitely love about Ecuador is there food. Food is my life and Ecuadorian food is not an exception. My host my since day one that I’ve been here she has been cooking amazing typical Ecuadorian dishes that are made in the coast of Ecuador. She uses just the right spice’s that makes my mouth water by just taking in a deep breath.  As preciously mentioned, Ecuador is divided into 4 regions which are the coast, the highlands, the east, and the Galapagos. All 4 of these regions have their own dishes.


 For example in the highlands there focus is on potato’s, pig’s (chancho), and there deliciousy Guinea Pig (Cui), and a delicious creamy soup that called locrio which consist of potato, cheese (that does not melt), and a slice of avocado.

In the cost they specialize more on seafood which is my favorite!!! They eat a lot of crab, shrimp, calamari, octopus, fish, and many more.

In Ecuador there main meal of the day is lunch. Lunch is the most important and the biggest meal of the day. Every lunch HAS TO HAVE a bowl of soup, and a side of rice. Lunch is not complete without those two things. It is interesting really because back home in the states the only time I found myself eating soup was when I was sick or when there was nothing else to eat.

Out of the many dishes that my host mom has cooked and that is one of the typical dish in the coast of Ecuador is “El Ceviche” which is a soup type dish that consist of any seafood of your choice mixed in with sliced and diced tomatoes  onions, cilantro, and lemon juice. O and of course its side of rice.

UEES, the university, has an amazing culinary arts department in which I along with the other international students, had the opportunity to be chefs for a day and learned and cooked our very own ceviche plate which practically is the same plate as the picture above. Very good, but not as good as my host mama!!

Here are other delicious foods that this person right here got to eat!!


Also before I forget, Ecuador is one of if not only, the places that produces green plantines or green bananas for those who do not know the that term. They also have huge fields of cacao! Hopefully in the next couple of weeks my host mom will take to where her parents have their green banana and cacao plantation!!!!

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