Hogar de Christo

One of the most special moments of this wonderful trip was helping build a home from scratch in 6 hours  for a very poor family.

Hogar de Christo is a non-for-profit organization that works with the poor population of the coast region in Ecuador. The organization was founded in 1991 by a priest who felt the need to help the poor and give them a roof over their heads.  Today the organization builds over 32 homes a day and over 100 homes a week. So far the organization has build just about 187,000 homes for the less fortunate families.

According to the spokes person of Hogar de Christo, 30% of Ecuador’s population lives in poverty. They make just about $2.47 a day from jobs they find on the streets. So these homes are relatively cheap for them to buy or pay off.

The homes are made out of cane and wood which can last up to 6 years. Once the families save enough money they can little by little change the cane and wood to cement walls.

This was an amazing experience because it made me see what is really is to live in absolute poverty. The homeless people in the US are better off then the less fortunate people here. It breaks my heart everyday to see children beg for money, food, and a place to sleep. By partaking in this experience, I have learned to not take anything for granted and give thanks everyday for the roof over my head and a bed to rest my head.




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