La Plata and The beginning of the end.

This last weekend I had the opportunity to visit the capital of Buenos Aires, the city of La Plata. Although, it is a city and also the capital- La Plata was both small and adorable. It took my friends and I about 2 hours to walk from one end to the other. It was nice, quite and slow paced- the people seemed to keep to themselves and offer smiling faces. We had the chance to visit the Cathedral of La Plata  – which is one of the best known, along with the Zoo and the Science Museum. All of which were a great addition to out trip.

Along with a the nice trip to La Plata, I am finally able to say – I am done with my Junior Year of college. For many the semester has been over for about a month now, but for me the time is now. I finally emailed my last final paper and let out a hug sigh of relief. Now my vacation can begin !

The next few blogs will be short and sweet, about my last two weeks in Buenos Aires, Argentina. For many Studying Abroad is a way to learn about the world and themselves – but for me it has truly become a life chaging experience that is nearing its end.  Just the thought about having to leave my new home here is saddening, but with the beginning of the end  I will cherish every last bit of it.

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