Last trip in Argentina to Mar del Plata.

For just a few days I had the amazing opportunity to travel 5hrs to the south of Argentina to visit the coastal city of Mar del Plata. Although, it was a nice beach and wonderful view, I was not able to jump into the water considering its winter and I didn’t want to freeze to death. The city was actually bigger than I had anticipated and after 2 days my friends and I were able to visit the nice parts of it. From the largest sea shell collection in the world to a water tower and a small park  to relax in, I spent most of my days walking around sight seeing and trying to take as many pictures to remember the moment. My friends and I stayed in a small hostel called “El Refugio”, where the host weren’t really the most helpful or nice, in which we stayed in a six bed room with a different roommate every day. I should also warn travelers that not all hostels are as welcoming as the others, sometimes we just have to push through the stay and enjoy every moment. Another warning would be about the whether. Although you might have researched the place you’re traveling to in advance- whether always changes, therefore you should always be prepared to be unprepared. Enjoy the downs and faults of your trips- they always make for great stories later on. For example my grumpy mood due to the excessive random rain and cold winds make for a great blog about not being grumpy and enjoying the rain and cold winds.Overall, the city of Mar del Plata was truly a great experience, although cold and grumpy at times, it was truly wonderful.

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