Just a few weeks ago I had the amazing experience to travel to the southern side of Argentina. Although, Argentina might seem like a small country, I found myself boarding a plane for 3 hours to head to a different place than Buenos Aires.

After the 3 hours flights I -along with 2 other friends arrived at the small town of Calafate. We stayed in a small very luxurious hostel, where we had a chance to sleep in a nice comfy warm bed. On the day of our arrival there was not much we could do, so we trekked around town for sometime- where we made several doggie friends, until it was time to eat dinner. Considering the timing, we settled for a large lunch which we enjoyed while watching a Brazil vs, Argentina soccer match. After our large lunch we headed back to the Hostel.

The next day we headed out early to go on a tour. On the bus tour we learned about the history of the glacier Perrito Moreno that we were going to see later on. After the bus ride, we continued the tour on a boat where we got up close and personal to the glacier. After the glacier and tour excursion we headed back to the hostel for a restless night- due to the insanely hot room we were in.

On our last day, we laid low and rested in the hostel to enjoy a nice quite day in the lovely town of Calafate.



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