A New View of Melbourne

On Sunday I went to Eureka Tower with Chris and saw some stunning views of Melbourne. I also went into the Edge: a glass box that extends three meters into free space over 80 stories above the city. Afterwards, Chris and I went to a tech sale event. I came close to buying a mic for my iPod but decided to get an extension cable for my Macbook because I didn’t have one with an Australian plug. Chris had to go to work afterwards so I went to the Melbourne City Library. I now have a Melbourne City Library card to check out items; I feel like such a local. I took at two audiobooks by John Marsden of books I didn’t have. I bought a sandwich at Subway and then went back to Eureka Tower (I had bought a two visits in one day pass) to look at the city at sunset/at night. It was a great day. Today I had my first interview with Apple. I feel that it went well. I don’t know if I got the job yet; I should know within a few days. Classes have finished and I only have exams left to complete. I’ll be studying for the rest of the week for two exams on Friday. The exams take place at the Melbourne Showgrounds. The same place the Royal Melbourne Show (a carnival) is held. It should be an interesting experience.

"Three cubic feet of blood and bone": Academic, Apple fanatic, and forever 18.

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