Why Wales? Entry #16: Dunraven Bay

The story oh how I discovered Dunraven Bay amuses me. I was writing my essay for my ‘Wales and the Welsh Language’ course about what makes Wales unique. In completing this research, I typed into google “Welsh landscape”, and images came up looking like this:

I took a break from writing my essay, to discover where this place was. Dunraven Bay, which is also referred to as Southerndown bay, is actually very close to Cardiff. All we had to do to get there was take the train to Bridgend, and then a bus to the bay. The entire journey… round trip… cost only 7 pounds and 40 pence.

The cool thing was that when I saw that the google images were from Dunraven Bay, I typed ‘Dunraven Bay’ into google. The first result, ended up being a website which noted the filming locations for the TV show Merlin, which as I mentioned in previous blogs, that my friends are obsessed with that show. So, now not only did I want to go to Dunraven because it was absolutely beautiful, but my friends would undoubtedly want to join- to see another beautiful filming location! I sent out a facebook note, and it turns out that my friend has been planning on going there for the entire semester, but hasn’t mentioned it yet.

We had a wonderful time. We brought sandwiches from Cardiff, and had a little picnic by the water. We walked around on the rocks for a while and found some lovely sea-stars. We then explored some more, and hiked up the hills, viewing the bay from the edges of the Dunraven cliffs.

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