Why Wales? Entry #17: Caerphilly Castle!

Throughout the last month here, the Americans slowly started leaving. Justine was second to leave, and since she was leaving so much earlier than everyone else, she felt as if she was missing out. I ensured her that there is always time for one more adventure, and so we planned one!

Caerphilly Castle is not very far from Cardiff, and is situated in the very nice Welsh town of Caerphilly. This medeival castle is beautiful! We brought sandwiches and enjoyed them by the water which surrounded the castle. Then, we went inside for some exploring!

One of the structures on the castle actually leans more than the leaning tower of Pisa. Go Wales!

The entire day was perfect, included with ideal weather! We all had a great time with eachother, having our last adventure with Justine…. well, last Welsh adventure, as we do plan to see eachother often in the States. 🙂


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