Why Wales? Entry #13: Every volcanic ash cloud has a silver lining….

So there has been a volcano that erupted in Iceland, and the volcanic ash has caused many flights throughout Europe to be delayed and canceled. Luckily, this problem did not occur until after The Italian Adventure… that would have been bad. I know there are tons of people that have been affected by the ash, and have been stuck away from their host country. I am very thankful that by the time the volcano erupted, I was back in Cardiff- safe and sound.

The week that all this occured, my friend’s sister was supposed to fly out for a visit. My friend booked hostel rooms and tickets to see Wicked in London. Unfortunately, her sister was not able to come that week- so I got to go.

This adventure was very spontaneous, because I didn’t know Justine’s sister wasn’t coming until a couple days prior.

We left eary that morning, and headed to London. We had some breakfast at our favorite waffle place, and went shopping for some nice clothes to wear when we saw Wicked.

Sidenote: PRIMARK is the best store ever. We have one in Cardiff, and there is one in London too. We went to Primark, and I got:

  • -black shoes
  • -button down shirt
  • -black pants
  • -belt
  • for only 17.50 (pounds)


 We had some time to spend in London, so we ended up going to Camden Market and shopped for a while. We also got some lunch and then headed to our hostel to get ready for the show.

The show was amazing. It was one of the shows that I have always wanted to see, but never got the chance. Although it was unfortunate that Justine’s sister didn’t come, me and Justine had a really nice couple days together.

The next day, we went to Stonehenge. This was also something that Justine was planning on seeing with her sister, but I got to go instead. Stonehenge is amazing as well, and what is really interesting is the fact that it still remains unknown as to why it is there.


The good thing, is that eventhough Justine’s sister couldn’t come that week- she was still able to come. Justine also surprised her sister and took her to see Wicked, so she didn’t miss anything. 🙂

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