Why Wales? Entry #14: Puzzlewood

One of the great things about the people I have met here, is that they lead me to places I would not ordinarily find on my own. Two of my friends here, Justine and Marissa are avid fans of the shows Merlin and Doctor Who. Both of these TV shows have filming locations locally. Doctor Who, is actually primarily filmed in Cardiff, which is pretty awesome.

Anyway, since my friends are such avid fans, they ended up finding and bringing us to Puzzlewood. Puzzlewood is actually in England, but it was so close by. Puzzlewood is an attraction located in the forest of Dean. This forest is not only where they filmed episodes of Doctor Who and Merlin, but it is also said that J.R.R Tolkein got inspiration for Lord of the Rings.

This entire place was beautiful. We took a train from Cardiff, and then walked from the station. It cost under 5 pounds for entry. The weather was beautiful. There was also a small petting zoo before the entrance, so we spent some time viewing the animals.

We then entered the forest, and meandered a bit. Everything was covered in moss. There were paths that crossed the forest, and we adventured around until we saw it all. It really was beautiful.

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