Heads up

After spending most of my weekend tackling assigned reading and exercise problems for my math course, I feel as though I have transitioned back into a scholarly flow. The stress of the first week was the result of the overwhelming responsibility of Uni life that I felt suffocated by, at first. However, after breaking through the barrier that seperates the fun times from the hard-working and tedious, I feel compelled to take on all of these challenges. From balancing my academics, to finding and having a job, being a member of the geology club, donating my services to the Kurrajong Village (where I live) garden, training with the recreational soccer team and fitting everything else in between…I’d say I have…a lot to look forward to! As I become increasingly acclimated, things are seemingly looking up.
….And since I really do not have anything nagging at me right now, I should also note that, although living with 7 other people in one flat, I have great flatmates. We have yet to encounter a significant conflict, or any conflicts for that matter. As long as I take this experience one step at a time and keep my head held high, I hope that it will prove to be smooth sailing!

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