So far away from home?

Sometimes when I’m here, in Australia, I feel as though I am still at home. That is…although it has its differences, Perth seems very much familiar to home. I’ve been here for a month now, and I’ve seen a range of similarities consisting of the conduct of instructors in classrooms, students attitudes toward education, people in the local community, similar automotive vehicles, grocery stores and largely, humor. It’s just the sense that the way people live their lives here seems generally familiar to that of home.
Occasionally, I even forget that I am so far away from home, or that I’m even in Au of all places. Of course, being so close to the airport there is the constant drum of aircrafts flying overhead (something I rarely have a chance to hear at home). This causes me to ponder my return flight home. In some ways, although I really do enjoy this lovely place, I do look forward to that day…but only in time, not now. I’ve always enjoyed flying, so it gives me a stimulating rush to think of my next flight. When I snap from that dreamy and ponderous state, I quickly remind myself of where I am and what I am here to do…which sometimes is difficult to pinpoint, considering that my opportunities here are endless.
Regardless of the arid landscape and climate that surrounds me, I am witness to an abundance of tropical vegetation, which sprouts and towers above me in almost every angle of view. This, combined with the birds that I see and hear everyday, and some fauna that I had the opportunity to visit while at a wildlife park (such as kangaroos and koalas), really makes for a spectacular combined experience.
Regardless of whether I feel only a couple hundred miles away from home, or actually conceptualize that I am half way across the planet, I am still in Australia, and am extremely grately to have had the opportunity and ability to travel as far as I did.

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