Technology Woes (10/5/09)

After a week without a computer, I can honestly say that technology is so addicting. I’m used to rolling out of bed in the morning and immediately being checking my email and facebook; being able to work on a paper while sitting in my pajamas on the couch. Its been quite a challenge working through the end of this semester without having a completely working computer to use all day. But then, this is the third semester of college that I’ve had with a damaged computer. So I guess I’m used to it…

Since we last talked, its been pretty quiet around here. As the end of the semester approaches, my workload is at its highest this semester. I can’t believe that I’m this busy at the beginning of October, but it’ll be over soon. Of course, this isn’t exactly a reason to celebrate. I’m just going to hope that the time between 14 October and 14 November takes as long as possible to pass. There will hopefully be a few more road trips around the North Island during that time.

The only other piece of news is that I’ve been given solos in one of the Monteverdi songs being performed on the last day of class. I’m quite excited for the performance…especially since it is the last thing I have to do for uni before finals.

Ok…off to bed now, but more on kiwi culture soon.

Kia Ora,


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