Likes and Dislikes (10/11/09)

ts the last week of classes here and I have just over one month left in the country. First, what?! Before break, time was inching by. Every day seemed to be a new adventure; a new discovery in this country. Ever since I returned from the South Island, time has been flying. Mondays suddenly become Fridays and its felt like so much of my time has been spent writing papers and preparing for finals.

Things I Will Miss About New Zealand:

* Flatmates & friends I’ve met here.
* The view I have every day when I wake up.
* Pies.
* Using Skype to talk to people in the same room rather than 9,000 miles away.
* Living in a city.
* Tomato Sauce (not the kind that goes on pasta, but the kind that’s so much better than ketchup)
* Booking a car at 4AM and not deciding where to drive it until right before you leave.
* Going to Parliament.
* Realising I know more New Zealand politicians than American ones…
* Sausage sizzles.
* The familiarity of my living situation. Just as its getting routine I have to go home…
* Sunday morning laughter at 3A.
* Wine tastings.
* Tui & Speights.
* Finding new ways to add cheese to a meal while listening to the 90s mix in the lounge.
* Shortland Street.
* Wednesday nights.
* Finding people’s true laughs.
* Ring 3.
* Noodles.
* Scrumps.
* New Zealand’s agressive public service announcements.
* Badly dubbed commercials from Europe & America.
* Random music parties.
* Getting to hear the word “crotchet” and “semi-quaver” used at rehearsals.
* Mr. Wedge & Meatosaurus

Things I will not miss about New Zealand:

* The long line to print a paper in the library.
* Hills.
* Sudden unexpected rain. With gale force winds.
* Construction workers at 7AM.
* World Religions.
* Strange liquid that appears randomly in the cabinet.
* Drinks in restaurants costing more than your meal.
* Paying for condiments.
* $4 coffee.

More soon…


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