hbrassHannah Brass

Ciao! I am a Journalism Major and Philosophy Minor studying at Universita Cattolica Del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Italy. This study abroad experience is to enhance my world view and italian language skills. I hope to work the Media industry.

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Milan and Finals

It is now November.   Which means I survived Midterms and what is next is of course Finals the most wonderful time of the semester. No mater where you are in the world Finals are Finals. This is the time where you really have to show what you have learned this semester as a student
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My roots

The reason I am here is ultimately because if I were to study abroad it HAD to be Italy. My Grandparents left Italy in the 60’s to come to America to start a new life. They along with multiple other family members began their new life in NYC. They took all their knowledge of living
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Here to stay.

Arriving at Malpensa airport was one of the most riveting and exciting moments of my life. All that was in my mind was how this is the land of my family. My blood is from here and now so am I. Living in America there is a disconnect with culture in terms of origins unless
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Arrivederci NY, Ciao Italia!

Summer 2016 was a season of different feelings. The reason for this is because you are living in a world where soon you will be leaving to experience something new. Even though your physical body is here in the present, your mind is already gone into your new adventure. Your head becomes solely dedicated to
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