Here to stay.

Arriving at Malpensa airport was one of the most riveting and exciting moments of my life. All that was in my mind was how this is the land of my family. My blood is from here and now so am I. Living in America there is a disconnect with culture in terms of origins unless you are of Native American heritage.

So to be finally in Italy where my grandparents worked so hard to leave and arrive in America, and now here I am coming to study here. It feels like a full circle.

Again, this was my first time in an airport and everything so after arriving everything happened to fast that I didn’t even remember if they checked my passport till later on when I saw a stamp saying “Malpensa”. Jenn and I had to wait a few hours because we were waiting till the Erasmus students to pick us up and take us to our apartment.

Sitting in the airport was a nervous and exciting feeling. We were so close to being able to explore this new country yet we just had to sit tight and wait.



Ciao! I am a Journalism Major and Philosophy Minor studying at Universita Cattolica Del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Italy. This study abroad experience is to enhance my world view and italian language skills. I hope to work the Media industry.

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