Phillips Island and other outings

I have done a number of trips with tour company REAL Australia. All of them have had some memorable moments but honestly none have lived up to the amazingness of the orientation trip. PLEASE if you end up studying at Victoria University DO the orientation trip. I cannot stress this enough. REAL Australia as a concept is cool because it is small group trips (8-15 people) led by real Australians! They do trips to Torquay, Healesville Sanctuary and the Mornington peninsula. While they all have some breathtaking sights if I could do it again I would skip Healesville and instead go to Ballarat Wildlife park.

Regardless Phillips Island was cool. I saw a pelican feeding which was pretty cool. There were about 15 pelicans all fighting for food. We also had lunch which was chicken parm or as it is said here chicken parma (the Australians shorten everything). In fact it is interesting to note that chicken parma here is not done with pasta but instead always with chips (American Fries). The penguin parade was honestly disappointing as it is dark and cold and no guarantee the penguins will go near your viewing area. You are also not allowed to take photos. While I do recommend going to Phillips island I think one might be better off skipping the parade. Either way Real Australia provides some pretty cool trips which are definitely worth checking out!


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