Finals Week

There’s only one more full week of classes after this one, and I don’t feel as stressed as I normally would. Maybe it’s because I’m a production major, but all of my final assignments are my finals. I have one more video to create, a full 1,500 word script, and a 1,000 word screenplay analysis of a movie of my choice. I only have one test that I have to take, and that’s for my British Life and Culture class. The British Life and Culture class is the only one that I actually have to put a lot of intense academic thought into. The classes have been somewhat worryingly easy, and they’re very independent.

The professors post reading lists, but they never test anyone on whether or not we’ve read it. It seems like the professors are a lot more relaxed here, which is odd. I don’t feel like I’ve done a ton of work, and I’m unsettled by it. I’m not freaking out like I normally am over studying for finals, mainly because I don’t really need to.

It’s weird, and I’m not sure I like it.

I'm studying film production at Kingston University in London, England. I love traveling, cats, and all types of food.

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