Returning to the USA

What to say about such an intense and positive experience….?!

After a month of near-constant activity, seeing so many things, museums, and meeting new people, it will be a change of pace in New Paltz, waiting for the semester to begin, casually catching up with friends and family. I am so glad I took this opportunity to study abroad. It helped me clarify my future goals and put things into perspective in unexpected ways. I now have a clearer picture of where I want to be in a year, my itch for travel having been temporarily scratched. Ready to relax and reflect. Two final papers on there way. On my way to NYC tomorrow. See you soon!

I'm a senior second-degree student at SUNY New Paltz. I have a dual-major in art history and creative writing, and I'll be studying abroad at Kingston University, London, during the summer of 2016. I'll be taking a Literature of London course and a Museums and Galleries course.

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