Feeling At Home

Something I’ve struggled with here is completely letting go of home–honestly, it just won’t happen for me in such a short period of time. Knowing that I’ll be going back in just a little over a month is enough for me to already be making plans with my loved ones at home who I miss so so so much, but I’ve been realizing that I feel more at home here than I thought I did.

Home is a strange word, and usually I associate it with being anywhere with my family and friends. Anywhere where I feel safe, comfortable, and surrounded by love from the people I care about the most. Cheesy, but very true.

Well, I’ve found a new home here and I’m far away from everyone I’ve ever known. And instead of just being a drive away, I’m all the way across the ocean, and would have to be in a plane for 8 hours before I arrived back there again. This has made me, at times, feel helpless, but has forced me to make a home here with what I have. So, I have a new definition of home: a place where, after a long day of school and work or perhaps a long week of traveling, you can come back to and feel comfortable by yourself. A place where you can unwind and relax and just feel content. My tiny room in Surbiton has become a place where I do hours of yoga a day, watch countless movies, and keep in touch with my friends and family. I’ve made so many memories here, and even though I have an entire basement and queen size bed waiting for me at home, I will miss coming back to sleep here every night.

So England might not really ever feel like home, but it’s become a place where I go back to after my travels, and that’s something special in itself.

Alyssa Schwartz, an English major and Music minor, is studying at Kingston University in England. She loves to write, and cannot wait to share her upcoming experiences!

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