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Today was what some (chocolate fanatics) might consider a fairy tale… This morning, we awoke to a slightly sunny sky and found ourselves walking through very chilly and windy streets. [Thank you Mom for telling me to bring my winter jacket!] Having (somewhat) mastered the metro and buses — we have  yet take the tram — Ema, Dommi, Erica, and I set out to Media Markt in search of a camera for Ema. We got a little bit lost and confused along the way, which is to be expected, and eventually found our stop and location as to where the electronics store was located. This location was even deeper in the center of Brussels and if we hadn’t any obligations, it would have been a wonderful place to explore. But Ema, Becca, and I had a date with Betti, so we will have to head back another time! Who is Betti, might you ask? Betti is Ema’s Mom’s friend’s sister — also currently known as our savior/Belgian Mom. Ema, Becca and I all met at Betti’s beautiful apartment and from there, headed to the Neu Haus chocolate factory.

FullSizeRender (23)

Yes, those are rows and rows of chocolate behind us.

…This was a dream and nightmare all in one. I now understand why the Romans stuffed themselves at feasts and then threw up right afterwards so they could eat more. Of course, we didn’t throw up, but this chocolate factory visit was a taste-all, savor-all trip. Visitors were allowed to taste any piece of chocolate in an opened box — every single type of chocolate had an opened box in the front… As you can see, we tried A LOT of chocolate..

After this we felt a little sick of course, but it was all worth it because free Belgian chocolate is a dream come true. Betti and her lovely friend Carol then took us to a shopping plaza to show us the ins and outs of grocery shopping and other such buys. Ema purchased her camera and is as happy as can be, as we will all want to capture our journey in color throughout these next four months.

Our decidedly favorite bus ride so far is the 71 Bus, which brings us through what seems to be a business area of Bruxelles. On this bus we ride through the cobblestone streets of the city with views of the magnificent Palais de Bruxelles, Palais de Justice, and other unnamed architecturally beautiful establishments. There is so much to see and explore!


FullSizeRender (22)

Above is a photo that I forgot to share in my previous post.

Tomorrow, we start our orientation at Vesalius College. These two obligation-free days have been exciting, but I am interested in seeing what else is in store for us. I cannot wait to begin my introductory French class so maybe I will be able to understand the chitter-chatter going on in the streets around us!

That seems to be all for now, so until tomorrow perhaps! Au Revoir!


Hello! My name is Katie, I am an English major and double minor in Environmental Studies and Law and Politics. I am very excited to be living in Belgium with a host family for four months! I will be studying politics, law, and French whilst abroad and I hope to discover Europe and more about myself in the process!

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